Mechanical Service & Repair

Unibuild Mechanical Services began providing a wide range of mechanical services to our transportation and heavy equipment rental business in 1997. Our qualified team specializes in general automotive mechanics, electromechanics, body mechanics, tire mechanics, welding mechanics, diesel mechanics, hydraulic mechanics, small engine mechanics, and industrial machinery mechanics.

With our wide range of qualified staff and mechanical services, we have been able to meet the market demand and needs of various customers, including vehicle owners, individuals and businesses seeking maintenance and repair assistance, as well as industrial companies that rely on regular maintenance and repair of their machinery and equipment.

Unibuild mechanical services now offer its customers comprehensive maintenance and repair services, such as fluid inspection and replacement, lubrication, filter changes, etc. Add to that expertise in diesel and heavy machinery mechanics, including engine repairs and safety inspections.

Our current maintenance and repair services cover a wide range of needs, including oil service, transmission overhaul, repair, air conditioning service, battery repair, tire repair, wheel repair, welding and fabrication, dent, and paint repair.