General Trading

Founded in 1997, our General Trading Company specializes in raw building materials and has earned an excellent reputation for its expertise and reliability over the past three decades. When it comes to raw building materials, we are an excellent partner for the construction, manufacturing, and public sectors because our expertise, competence and reliability are second to none.

Our ability to consistently deliver world-class building materials to our discerning clientele demonstrates our intimate understanding of their practical needs and the economic demands of the marketplace. Our partnership with commodity manufacturers, contractors, and many other organizations that are working to improve private development and public infrastructure, has been thriving for us.

Our extensive product line includes natural building materials (sand, gravel, wood, fly ash, hardcore, and various aggregates) and synthetic building materials (stainless steel mesh, metal, concrete, cement, brick, and block, plastic sheeting, bitumen, and burlap). We also supply specialized termite-proofing materials for protection against termites and waterproofing materials (rubber, rubberized asphalt, and PVC membrane).