Agriculture & Livestock Farming

The agriculture and livestock farming activities started way back in 1920. As part of our ancestors’ customs and traditions to have their own animal and agricultural wealth. Throughout the years, we have upheld these customs and traditions with pride, maintaining our position in the field.

Our agriculture farming activities revolve primarily around the cultivation of crops used as animal feed. We specialize in growing and harvesting crops such as alfalfa and Rhodes grass, which are essential components of a nutritious diet for livestock. With a formal approach, we meticulously cultivate these crops, employing advanced agricultural practices to ensure their optimal growth and quality. Through careful planning and skilled expertise, we maintain a consistent supply of high-quality animal feed throughout the year. Our commitment to excellence extends from seed selection to crop management, ensuring that every batch harvested meets the stringent standards of our discerning customers.

In addition to our focus on animal feed farming, we also engage in livestock farming activities. Adhering to industry-leading practices, we raise and care for a range of domestic animals including cattle, sheep, goats, and camels. Our approach prioritizes the well-being and welfare of each animal, providing them with appropriate habitat, nutrition, and veterinary care. Through our livestock farming activities, we strive to meet the demands of modern agriculture, while respecting and promoting sustainable practices. Our commitment to responsible animal farming extends to implementing efficient resource management, minimizing waste, and actively adopting environmentally friendly technologies.

With an unwavering dedication to quality and stringent adherence to formal agricultural standards, our animal feed farming and livestock farming activities are at the forefront of the industry. We take pride in serving the needs of the agricultural community while contributing to the welfare of animals and sustainable farming practices.